This plan shows the projected uses of land within and around the Village.   If you have questions regarding the plan please  call Mike Ferencak, Village Planner at 630-466-8954.  Copies of the plan are also available at: 

          Sugar Grove Municipal Center                                       

       10 Municipal Drive                                                

Sugar Grove, Illinois 60554                              

Because of the size of the files the plan has been broken into the following sections for viewing as PDF files.     If you do not have the free Adobe PDF viewer you may download it from the by clicking on the Adobe link.   

The Sugar Grove Community

Background to the Comprehensive Plan

Purpose of the Comprehensive Plan

The Planning Process

Organization of the Plan Report

This section presents an overview of historical, current, and future demographics of the Sugar Grove Community.

This section summarizes the three separate Community Outreach efforts that were undertaken to involve the community in the planning process.

This section describes, in general terms, the kind of community that Sugar Grove should be in the future.  Include a vision statement for the community in the Year 2013.

This section contains a list of goals and objectives that provide more specific guidelines the new Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

This section provides a brief overview of the existing land-use within Sugar Grove, and presents long-range policies and recommendations for high-quality and compatible new residential, commercial, business and public development, as well as the protection and enhancement of open spaces and environmental resources within the community.

This section establishes the basis for a long-range system of roadways and multi-use trails that efficiently supports existing and future development.

Environmental protection, open space and greenways/"linkages" are primary objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.  This section is intended to help the Village maintain and preserve key environmental and open space features, enhance e the county side character of the area, and provide for a more complete range of park and recreational areas to serve new and existing development.

This section is intended to assist the Village in ensuring that high-quality community facilities and services are available to local residents and business in the future, including schools, fire and police protection, libraries, administrative facilities and meeting spaces, public utilities and other public and semi-public uses.

This section highlights the steps and actions to be undertaken to begin the process of plan implementation of this Comprehensive Plan.