2015 Consolidated Election Information

At the April 7, 2015 Consolidated election there will be three (3) Village Trustee positions on the ballot for the Village of Sugar Grove. All positions are four-year terms. The Candidate Guide and additional information on frequently requested forms for the consolicated election is located below. Information can also be found online at the State Election website and the Kane County Clerk's Election website.

Petition circulation for independent, new party and non-municipal nonpartisan office candidates begins on September 23, 2014 and the filing period is December 15 – 22 , 2014. Petitions may NOT be circulated prior to September 23, 2014 and shall be filed with the Local Election Official (the Village Clerk) (Local Election Official - the clerk or secretary of a unit of local government or school district, the treasurer of a township board of school trustees; and the regional superintendent of schools with respect to the various school officer elections and school referenda for which the regional superintendent is assigned election duties by the School Code.).

If you do decide to circulate a petition it is suggested that you inform the Village Clerk of your desire to do so, as at times information regarding elections is updated. If you do not want to inform the clerk that you are consindering circulating, please remember to check either this site, the county, of the state elections site on a regular basis for any updates.

The most often asked question is the number of signatures needed. For Independent Candidates - For the Consolidated Election, not less than 5% nor more than 8% (or 50 more than the minimum, whichever is greater) of the number of persons who voted at the last regular election in the district or political subdivision in which such district or political subdivision voted as a unit for the election of officers to serve its respective territorial area. In the last election 1,253 ballots were cast. Therefore the number of signatures need is a minimum of 62 and no more than 112.

This information contained here is not intended to be used as a substitute for relevant statutes, the Illinois Constitution, or applicable case law. Whenever there is a question regarding the interpretation of information contained here regarding the Candidates Guide, or any section of the Election Code, or other statute, the user should contact competent legal counsel or the State Board of Elections.

Candidates Guide

(This guide contains information regarding running for office and all applicable forms)

Tthe Sugar Grove local election official often receives requesst for nomination papers that will are to be filed by a candidate. Nomination papers generally consist of:



RECEIPT FOR FILING A STATEMENT OF ECONOMIC INTERESTS.(The statement itself is filed with the Kane County Clerk)

LOYALTY OATH (optional)

Other Forms:

Fair Campaign Practices

D-5 Notice of Obligation

Certificate of Deletions

Withdrawal of Candidacy

Results for the 2013 Election