Email News and Alert Program

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The Village occasionally distribute news and sends alerts via email distribution. lf you would like to receive this information it is easy to sign up. You can either fill out the Electronic Village News Program Form and return or you can send an email to the Village Clerk. Please be sure to inlcude your name,address and a note whether the email is personal a business email address.

Your address is needed as sometimes specific subdivsions are sent information. The reseason that we would like to know if it is apersonal or business email is because the Freedom of Information Act.

While this act is in place to guarantee that you and others have access to all information held by all public bodies and to further open and honest government it requires that all information held by a public body be given to anyone who asks for it, with very few exceptions.

One of these exceptions is private information such as Social Security numbers, home or personal telephone numbers, and personal e-mail addresses. This is why if the email address you are submitting is a personal address please indicate above in order to insure that your E-mail address WILL NOT be released to anyone, and will stay within the Village of Sugar Grove’s.

As per the Freedom of Information Act, please note that non personal email addresses when requested must be supplied.