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Brent Eichelberger holds the Office of Village Administrator and is responsible for the overall administration of the Village. This office formulates recommendations for the Village Board's consideration and implements the policies and directives of the Village President and Village Board. Services provided include: (1) executing Board policies and objectives, agendas, research, and intergovernmental relations; (2) formulating, monitoring, and coordinating communication programs; (3) responding to citizen requests for information and assistance; (4) developing programs that increase employee morale, motivation, and productivity and; (5) preparing the annual operating budget and multiyear Capital Improvements Program. Mr. Eichelberger can be reached at 630-466-4507 extension 29 or by e-mail at beichelberger@sugar-grove.il.us.



Cynthia Galbreath is the Village Clerk. The Office of the Village Clerk is responsible for maintaining all official Village records, attending and preparing minutes for all regular and executive sessions of Village Board meetings, recording documents with Kane County, and publishing all legal and bid notices. The Office of the Village Clerk also handles voter registration and Village elections.

The Village Clerk also serves as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) official for the Village, processing all requests. Cindy can be reached at 630-466-4507 extension 24 or by e-mail at vclerk@sugar-grove.il.us.


Please note that when sending an email you should receive a reply within 3 working days. 

However, there are times when emails are misdirected.

Should you not receive a reply please call 630-466-4507.    






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