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Village of Sugar Grove Public Works

601 Heartland Drive, Sugar Grove, Illinois

Phone (630)-466-7508, Fax (630)-466-1083

Mr. Speciale is Director of Public Works.  The Public Works Department consists of two divisions.  The Streets & Properties Division and the Utilities Division.  The Public Works Department is responsible for the efficient operation of public works systems and programs such as water, sewers, streets and public buildings.  The Public Works Department is continually planning for the future to insure that these essential needs for your health, safety, comfort and quality of life are always there for you.

Streets and Properties

Mr. Payton is the Supervisor of Streets and Properties.  The Streets & Properties Division is responsible for the maintenance of the more than 50 miles of streets, curbs and sidewalk.  This division provides Snow & Ice Control and manages the Street Maintenance Program including crack-filling and patching.  We also provide mosquito abatement in accordance with the Kane County Health Department regulations and maintenance of all Village facilities and properties, right-of-ways, storm sewers, streetlights and signs.

The Streets & Properties Division also assists in the management of the Village refuse contract with Waste Management West for waste removal and recycling services.  Additional services provided by Waste Management West include yard waste collection, the bi-annual white goods and tires pick-up and street sweeping.

Streets & Properties evaluates parkway trees and their maintenance and the Village's sidewalk system. The division coordinates the 50/50 Cost-Share Programs for Parkway Tree and Sidewalk Replacement.

Public Utilities

Mr. Merkel is the Utilities Supervisor.  The Utilities Division is committed to providing you with safe drinking water. We remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of source water protection and water conservation while continuing to serve the needs of all our water users.  Water quality is monitored seven days a week.

The Public Utilities Division is committed to consistently surpassing water quality standards and maintains the Village Sanitary Sewer System in cooperation with Fox Metro Water Reclamation District. Fox Metro is responsible for the economical treatment of wastewater so that it can safely be returned to the environment.  A new in-house sanitary sewer preventative maintenance program has been initiated to further this effort.Public Utilities staff supplies the Finance Department with accurate meter readings to ensure proper utility billing.  We provide the maintenance of and install replacement water meters as needed.  Staff provides J.U.L.I.E. locating services for water and sewer protecting our infrastructure from damage during excavation.